Direct cremation is a funeral service option in which, after the death of the person, cremation is carried out without the traditional wake in the funeral parlour.
In a direct cremation service, i.e., without a funeral parlour service, the funeral parlour collects the deceased, carries out the sanitary preparation, takes care of the person until the time of cremation and, in turn, takes care of the management of the legal formalities following the death.
Contracting a cremation service without a funeral parlour service is easier and can be done online, and it only requires a payment to book the funeral service. Before contracting, it’s essential to confirm that the coffin or casket provided by the funeral parlour is suitable for cremation in accordance with current regulations and that the ashes will be delivered with their corresponding funeral urn.
At Inalia Services, a platform for contracting funeral services for direct incineration or cremation, we ensure that the entire process is carried out in a transparent way and with the highest standards of quality, thanks to our network of funeral providers.