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Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ)


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Basic information

What is the Direct Cremation service?2023-04-19T13:02:37+02:00

Inalia Services Direct Cremation is the most essential funeral option. It does not include the wake service or other services (floral arrangements, religious service, etc.). It consists of collecting the deceased person, carrying out the relevant administrative formalities and, after the 24 hours stipulated by the regulations, the cremation service is provided.

What is the fixed price offered by Inalia Services?2023-04-19T13:02:22+02:00

The price of the Direct Cremation service is 1,750 euros, including taxes. If additional services are required, they may be requested directly from the funeral parlour during the process. This price will be divided into two payments. One will be of 200 euros as a deposit upon completing the booking form, and the second payment for the remaining amount of 1,550 euros will be paid at the funeral centre. This price does not include thanatoesthetic and thanatopraxy techniques (e.g., removal of pacemakers, prostheses, preservation, etc.).

Who provides cremation services for Inalia Services?2023-04-19T13:02:06+02:00

All Inalia Services cremation services are provided in collaboration with leading funeral providers in Spain.

Where does Inalia Services operate?2023-12-14T10:50:28+01:00

Inalia Services currently operates in the Balearic Islands, Barcelona, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Gran Canaria, Huelva, Lanzarote, León, Madrid, Málaga, Pamplona, Seville, Tarragona, Tenerife, Valencia, Vizcaya and Zaragoza. We are working on extending our coverage to the rest of the Spanish provinces.

What happens if the person has died with COVID-19?2023-04-19T13:00:42+02:00

In these cases, Inalia Services provides the services following the health protocols at no extra cost.

What payment methods does Inalia Services offer?2023-04-19T13:00:28+02:00

The first payment to book the service can only be made by credit or debit card through the online payment platform. Inalia Services offers different options to make the remaining payment:

  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Credit or debit card via POS terminal
  • Bank transfer
  • Custom financing

Service processes

Booking the service2024-03-10T19:53:33+01:00

You can book the service whether the person has already died or if the outcome is expected in the next few days. In both cases, all you have to do is fill in the booking form on your phone, tablet or computer. To confirm the service, we will first ask you for your details and those of the deceased. In addition, you will need to make a first payment of 200 euros, as a deposit.

Service confirmation2024-03-10T19:53:33+01:00

Once the booking payment has been made, the Service Requestor will receive both an SMS and an email confirming the booking of Inalia Services’ Direct Cremation service. In addition, the funeral staff will contact you by telephone to finalise the service request.

Collection and transfer of the deceased person2024-03-10T19:53:33+01:00

For legal reasons, it is essential that the person requesting the service be present at the time of collection and transfer to the funeral centre, where the deceased will remain until the cremation ceremony. Our funeral staff will ask the Service Requestor to sign the necessary documents in order to process the service.

Cremation process2024-03-10T19:53:33+01:00

Cremation will be carried out 24 hours after the time of death, in the network of funeral centres of our provider, following current Health, Legal and Safety Protocols. This service does not permit the choice of crematorium or time of cremation.

Urn delivery2024-03-10T19:53:33+01:00

The Service Requestor or authorised person may collect the urn from the centre where the cremation service was provided within 48/72 hours.

Remaining payment of the service2024-03-10T19:53:33+01:00

At the end of the service, the remaining amount of 1,550 euros must be paid. This payment will be made to the funeral provider who will issue the corresponding invoice.